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As airport systems become increasingly complex in terms of design and technology, the integration of different airport systems naturally becomes more challenging. Furthermore, each and every airport has its own specific requirements due to load factor, size and functions etc,  hence a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for the integration of airport systems is not possible. Every airport therefore requires a trusted solutions integrator that not only understands the design and technology of disparate airport systems, but is also able to integrate these systems in a holistic manner to meet the individual needs of different airports in terms of operational readiness and efficiency.

CNA has amassed a sound knowledge of airport systems and an extensive understanding of airport operations, needs and challenges. As a system integration specialist, CNA can install and integrate a full spectrum of airport systems such as building facilities and aviation. Under our system integration, disparate and standalone systems can now link up and inter-operate, leading to the creation of a “Connected Airport”. This ‘Connected Airport’ framework improves an airport’s operational efficiency by reducing downtime, waiting time and delays.

To achieve a high level of automation to achieve high efficiency of business operations, it is increasingly important for airport components to freely exchange data, This is achieved by promoting and following international interface standards to the airports. CNA’s key role as a system integration specialist, we have the knowhow to collect and manage integration requirements as well as to establish the conceptual integration system architecture used to guide the physical system architecture design and enhance airport business evolution. It is within our core strength in middleware integration and development of application program interfaces that enables defined disparate interfaces to pull together all different applications into a single, streamlined system with a common set of procedures and control methodology. This framework governs the smooth evolution of integrated airport automation systems

CNA’s in-depth knowledge and vast experience at managing high level integration with multiple vendors has proved to be effective for many international airports, including Singapore’s Changi Airport, New Doha International Airport, the Philippines’ Ninoy Aquino International Airport and Thailand’s New Suvranabhumi International Airport.

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