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health Care

A number of complex and interconnected issues -such as increasing sophistication and higher treatment costs, have driven the transformation of the healthcare landscape in the Asia Pacific. Healthcare providers today are challenged to provide quality healthcare with a limited budget due to rising costs, and patients increasingly choose hospitals not entirely based on location but also on facilities and reputation.

As a market leader in system integration, CNA is well positioned to improve the future of healthcare through its integrated networked technologies that transform how people connect, access information, and collaborate. CNA’s solution framework provides a converged network foundation that enables reliable, seamless, and secured data communications within a healthcare facility. This framework allows integration and interoperability at each functional area to optimize interactions among healthcare participants, processes, applications, and hardware components.

CNA solution framework combines data, voice, and video onto a common network and this becomes the fourth utility alongside water, electricity, and gas. From the building-systems perspective, systems which include HVAC, lighting, physical security and access control, fire safety, elevator and electrical controls, can now be connected together using a single network, running on a centralised management interface so as to enhance its core ability to aggregate data in real time from various subsystems regardless of vendors’ products or communication protocols. This fully scalable integrated suite of building management and facility maintenance applications offered to the hospitals also ensures the optimisation of energy demand and consumption patterns through the application of smarter building management and automation solutions

Our strong track record speaks for itself as we harness our strengths and resources to develop integrated and intelligent state-of-the art solutions of premier standards. With our vision and innovative network technologies, CNA’s solution framework is the hallmark of care in the new century which healthcare stakeholders across the continuum of care can respond to patients more efficiently, expand innovative healthcare initiatives, and continue to transform care and the care experience.



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