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HDB HUBThe HDB Hub embraces open protocols and technologies. LonWorks was chosen as the open standard platform to allow interoperability between different vendors. Such integration enables data sharing that increases the application base and operational efficiency. With 1,000 nodes, the HDB Hub has one of the largest numbers of LonWorks devices in the world.

The IBMS provides common Web access for all users and operators to conveniently utilize building facility services and data exchange for intelligent operations and cost efficiency. With a capacity to control 200,000 points, this system controls more than 80,000 points and integrates 22 dissimilar subsystems from 13 vendors. Fire Alarm, Security, CCTV, Car Parking.

Lighting, Chiller, Water Detection, Transportation, Intelligent Display, Office Automation, Interactive Voice Response and other systems are integrated through high level interface to create efficiencies never before possible. With energy management expertise and support provided by CNA, the HDB Hub won the 2nd position in the BCA Energy Efficiency Building Awards in 2005.

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