Industrial Solutions

Infrastructure Automation


Industrial buildings and offices have their own set of stringent demands based on the operating needs of different companies in different industries. At CNA we understand these differing demands and have combined our competencies in advanced technologies and mechanical engineering so to improve an industrial facility’s productivity and operational efficiency. Because of the level of sophistication and high precision required in different industrial settings, the integration of various systems within any one industrial facility not only needs to be seamless, but also extremely accurate.  

With our relevant skills, capabilities and knowledge of industrial systems, CNA is able to upgrade existing systems in an industrial facility and systematically migrate current live systems to a newly upgraded one. This relatively new niche in systems upgrading that we have developed will help our customers achieve their sustainability goals as there is no need to rebuild from scratch.

Our systems integration expertise enables us to configure various systems that are customised to the different requirements of our industrial customers. With our Integrated Facility Management System (IFMS) and Facility Management System (FMS) in place, our customers can now manage complicated industrial systems in a more effective and efficient manner. Systems from different departments will now be able to collate and integrate information from different parts of the facility. This information will then be transformed into useable intelligence that is ultimately beneficial for our customers’ industrial facility to achieve shorter cycle times and a high line yield.

Boasting a sophisticated Integrated Facility Management and Control System (IFMCS) provided by CNA, the Seagate Woodlands Plant 3 in Singapore was the first industrial plant of its kind to be awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2009. As one of the world’s greenest industrial plants, the Seagate Woodlands Plant 3 consists of a wide spectrum of green investments such as UVC emitters at all AHUs and FCUs, a photovoltaic system to generate solar electricity, solar-powered LED lamps, fuel cells for power back-up, titanium dioxide treatment of toilets and the canteen, an advanced building management system and a rain sensor and weather programme.

Furthermore, our expertise in systems and controls, allows us to enhance an industrial facility’s safety, efficiency, productivity, product yield and quality. Our solutions also help customers to meet high safety and environment protection standards, in line with energy conservation and air pollution reduction. This will result in higher industrial redundancy, thus giving our industrial customers a competitive advantage in today’s business environment.