Case Study

S+CRE Cisco Bangalore (Smart Connected Real Estate Systems)

Three buildings with over 20000 points. The following building services are integrated with Niagara:

  • Building Management System, Desigo, Siemens [OPC]
  • Building Management System, American Auto Matrix [BACnet]
  • Lighting Management System, Clipsal, Schneider [OPC]
  • Power Monitoring System, Elins & Conzerv [Modbus]
  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies, Socomac [BACnet]
  • Life Safety System, Prudential [BACnet]
  • Lift Monitoring System, Otis [Modbus]
  • Security & Card Access System, Lenel [WMI]
  • Exchange Server [MAPI]

Conference room VAV, Lighting and blinds are controlled based on the room reservation records retreived from exchange server. It is possible to control VAV, lights and blinds from Cisco IP Phones in every conference room. Details regarding the meeting – start time, end time, participants, subject, etc and room temperature, aircon, lighting status etc are shown on the Digital signage outside conference room which is driven through Cisco DMP (Digital Media Player)

Daily, Weekly, Monthly energy consumption reports area-wise (labs, data centers, different floors, building etc) and facility-wise (HVAC, lighting, raw power, UPS power etc) are generated using crystal reports.

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