Smart Connected Building

The global real estate industry is facing unique challenges,with energy costs fluctuating and the building sector consuming more energy, operating costs are expected to continue rising unless energy consumption is more effectively managed. Energy efficiency and operational cost savings have been instrumental in driving integration of intelligent buildings technology t to stand out among competition.

CNA’s Smart Building Solution (SBS) offers owners and developers with the platform that will enable convergence of valuable information from the diverse building systems and provide a collaborative environment where the occupants or tenants of the building can participate in creating an experience through personalized, configurable environmental settings of their choice when booking conference room.

Our solution does not stop with just creation of experience to the building occupants but also provide them with critical information and advisory information during crisis situation. For example when a fire alarm is triggered in a particular zone in the building, alerts will be sent to the Facility team and if it is not a false alarm and no acknowledgment is received within a specified time, the alert information is broadcasted to different display signage with evacuation plan for safe passage.  Our customized algorithm determines the best sequence of evacuation by integrating with Security systems in the floors that are not affected by prioritizing the evacuation floors to avoid stampede during this type of crisis.
Security is one of the major concerns globally and commercial buildings are often equipped with Video surveillance camera and biometrics verification.  These systems though installed could not offer the real benefit of surveillance as it is impossible for humans to track on independent incidents happening in multiple location. Our solution offers to justify the investment on this equipment through our Video analytic solution that can determine the abnormal behavior or presence of unidentified objects in the building premises.


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S+CRE Cisco Bangalore (Smart Connected Real Estate)

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Integrated Intelligent Building Solution – Dubai World Central

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