Metro Rail Solutions



Transportation infrastructure is vital for the economic growth and living quality of nations. Due to the mission critical nature of the transportation, a delicate effort is required to maintain and upgrade existing transportation systems infrastructure. With our expertise in the information communication technology and experience in mechanical engineering, we are able to provide our transportation sector customers with advanced technology solutions that will contribute to a better transportation system. Furthermore, we are also equipped with the relevant skills and capabilities to upgrade existing transportation portals as well as migrating current live systems to a newly upgraded one, contributing to the overall sustainability.

Our core capability in the transportation arena lies in our Environmental Control System (ECS), Tunnel Ventilation System (TLV), Train Communication and Passenger Information System. Most of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations are installed with CNA’s ECS and TLV and we have continued to provide older MRT stations with upgraded systems, which is a relatively new niche for us. Outside of Singapore, we are also providing Train Communication and Passenger Information Systems to railway companies, particularly in China. These systems will enhance the travelling experience of train commuters as relevant information such as time, destinations and emergency messages can be transmitted to commuters via our systems.

Our solutions are of up-to-mark industry standards and our business processes have received official certifications like ISO 9001:2000; BS OHSAS 18001:2007; SS 506: Part 1: 2009; ISO 14001:2004 and BizSAFE STAR Certification by Work Safety and Hazard Council.

In addition, our Environmental Control System has achieved conformance to RIA 23, Safety Related Software for Railway Signaling Consultative Document 1991, Integrity Level 2. We are also the first company in Singapore to achieve conformance to the Electromagnetic Compatibility requirement for our Environmental Control Systems.

Apart from our core capabilities in providing ECS, TLV, Train Communication and Passenger Information Systems, CNA has also ventured into providing Wireless LAN Networks for bus depots, which are being installed in selected bus depots in Singapore. In addition, as a MSI, we are also able to capitalise on our systems integration knowledge to provide railway station buildings and facilities with turnkey solutions via our Internet Protocol (IP) Based Rail Management Platform. With this platform, various systems can be integrated into one holistic control system at each railway station.