Waste Water Treatment

Waste Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment


Through the use of advanced technology solutions and with our mechanical engineering experience, CNA is able to help customers better manage their water resources for sustained development, while minimising the impact to the environment and conserving the precious resource for future generations.

Armed with an experienced design and construction team, and equipped with a keen     knowledge in software programming and protocols, CNA has the ability to offer a complete Water Treatment solution for different customers, suitably tailored to their different requirements. Our capacity to undertake a project fully was demonstrated in our first large BOT (Build-Order-Transfer) project - a Waste Water Treatment for Binhai New Materials Industrial Estate in China. CNA can offer a complete solution and undertake a full water treatment project under different operating models such as DBOO (Design, Build, Own, Operate), BOOT (Build, Own, Operate, Transfer), PPP (Public-Private Partnerships), license agreements and joint ventures, thereby catering to each individual customer’s requirements.

Combining our domain integration expertise in water treatment plants with our competencies in information technology and access to leading edge technology, CNA was nominated as the Master System Integrator for Singapore’s Changi water reclamation plant where we undertook to provide a integrated turnkey plant and process automation solutions.  We also take pride to be the first company in Singapore to be awarded two major upgrading water treatment plant projects. This involves upgrading the existing older systems and systematically migrate current live systems to a newly upgraded one without any downtime.

This relatively new niche in systems upgrading will help our customers ensure the sustainability of their water treatment business without a need to rebuild their plant from scratch.

Apart from our core process control knowledge, our associate company, Xiamen Leccan also specialises in other advanced technologies such as membrane technologies for the treatment of industrial wastewater.